Computational Physics Research Lab

Department of Physics

This modern age is the era of interdisciplinary research works and with the revolution in computing facilities a new research fields emerge that bridges the gap of experimental results and theoretical predictions known as Computational Simulation which most of the time requires super-computing facilities. The newly established computational physics (CP) research labs has been set up to serves this purpose. The CP research lab is well equipped with high configuration workstations and the 44-core HP high performance computing server equipped with Tesla K40 GPU in the department of physics at JU is used to conduct simulation based research project where the main research objective is to design new materials for application in solar cells, sensors, batteries etc. The Gaussian 16 material design software is purchased thanks to the HEQEP subproject CP 3415. Also, photonic design software RSoft is another addition to the research facilities in the department of Physics at JU. So far, after its start in 2017, CP research group has published 1 journal articles in international peer reviewed journal and 5 peer reviewed conference papers has been published in IEEE xplore conference proceedings.