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At the Department of Law & Justice (established in August 2011) in Jahangirnagar University, we believe that law is an effective tool for any social change; hence, quality legal education with a critical approach to conventional wisdom is the key to engendering a progressive society. As the Department values ‘justice’ in its substantive sense as an indispensable core ideal, we have a strong commitment towards critical and interdisciplinary approach. Therefore, in addition to our focus of knowing what the law is, we put equal focus on knowing why the law is the way it is. Exploring the power dynamics of the state in relation to common people has been a fundamental question of our constant inquiry.

Needless to say that we take legal education seriously because we understand that we are training future protagonists of social change – lawyers, judges, educators, policy makers and activists. This is a place where not only the intellect of the students is challenged, but also they are trained to think ethically, analytically, thoughtfully and critically from both national and global perspective. We aim to make students competent to internalize the values they learn in ethics, morality and principles of law and justice which they must adopt through their learning process at the Department. Since its inception the success of our academic programmes has been largely driven by an innovative, engaged, and influential Department community. Our faculty members, though young in age, have a strong growing legal scholarship and are dedicated to maintaining the highest standard in legal education both in and outside of the classroom. They cover diverse branches of legal scholarship and expertise exploring novel challenges facing domestic and international legal community. Examining the established theories, code of beliefs, taboos has been the hallmark of our academic mission which has (re)shaped the study of law creating new frontiers, and often dismantling, the old ones along the way.

The Department currently offers two major programmes- namely, four years integrated Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and Master of Laws (LLM). As we strongly believe that legal study is not a monolithic one, the Department takes pride in its leading role in introducing interdisciplinary approach to legal study incorporating wide range of courses on politics, economics, sociology, anthropology etc. Our curriculum goes beyond lego-centricity by imparting diverse knowledge of related subjects so that the students acquire the necessary training to better appreciate the societal and humanist faces of legal study. A heavy emphasis on research has been another distinguishing factor for the Department. We offer full-fledged courses on both qualitative and quantitative legal research in the LLB programme before the students go on to write full research papers as a requirement of both their LLB degree. Our LLM programme is going to be of international standard with equal emphasis on research too.

The students are equal stakeholders in the Department. Their innocent, but by no means easy and frivolous, questions, ideas and innovation add to our continuous stimulation for further enrichment of study and research. Given the changes buffeting the legal market, our students are given the clinical training necessary to emerge as efficient lawyers with proficiency in legal reasoning, writing and argumentation. This committed and diverse body, comprised of more than 300 students, is focused on developing their knowledge, skills, and values: personal and professional; necessary to succeed in life. Our students are as supportive of and excited for the achievement of their classmates as they are about their own achievements. That is exactly why the Department is regularly crowned with success in various co-curricular activities: such as debate, moot court, cultural activities, cricket, and football tournaments etc.

In a word, the Department of Law & Justice is always a step forward towards offering world class education and thereby preparing law students to cope up with the ever changing global order– economic, political, and socio-cultural.

Faculty Members

Md. Rabiul Islam

Associate Professor, Department of Law & Justice

K M Shazzad Mohashin

Associate Professor, Department of Law & Justice

Tapos Kumar Das

Assistant Professor, Department of Law & Justice

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Shaila Alam Asha

Lecturer, Department of Law & Justice

Muhammad A. Sayeed

Assistant Professor, Department of Law & Justice

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