Post Graduate

On the M.F.A one will continually engage with what it means to practise as an artist today and the position taken by an art-practice in relation to art's complex history and its currency in wider social and cultural processes.  It contains 73% practical and 27% theory. Artists on the programme strengthen the motivation, self-reflection and ambition of their practice and its leading ideas. Given the wideopen range of media welcomed in it, a primary concern in discussion is how a particular artist's work and ideas are understood in and across different social, artistic and intellectual contexts. Our primary emphasis is on how artists look to shift prevalent expectations and whether their work does so perhaps then transforming what art might be. We place a strong emphasis on student-centred learning, particularly in the studio seminars and personal tutorials based on your art-making, its key concerns and ideas and their mutual inter development. A lecture programme will in addition contribute to understanding of concerns relating to contemporary art in broader contexts.

This degree aims to equip one with creative, interpretive, critical and analytical skills, so that one can participate in and contribute to the expanding field of contemporary art