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The study of philosophy is important for individual development as well as nation building. A nation without its own philosophy cannot survive. A critical, rational, analytic while ethical and holistic mindset should be the prerequisite for any innovation. The department of philosophy, Jahangirnagar University, is one of the few leading places where almost all branc ...

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Philosophy, as a distinct and independent department at Jahangirnagar University, begun its journey in 1984. There were only ten undergrad students in the first batch and currently more than five hundred students are pursuing their major in philosophy. The department, in its comparatively young age, achieved notable success and unique position in philosophical research and teaching in Bangladesh and beyond. The eminent faculty members, enthusiastic student, comprehensive and modern syllabi, distinguished visiting scholars made this remarkable achievement possible in a very short time. In all areas of philosophy including history of philosophy, Anglo-American philosophy, analytic philosophy, philosophy of science, Indian, Chinese and Japanese philosophy, moral philosophy, symbolic logic, mathematical logic, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language, environmental philosophy and deep ecology,  department members have a proven track record. The depart ... View More